Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 1240+ people named Stellan
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Stellan Bengtsson is a former Swedish table tennis player.
Stellan Nilsson was a football player from Sweden.
Stellan Rye was a Danish-born film director, active in the early 20th century.
Stellan Westerdahl is a Swedish sailor.
Stellan Olsson is a Swedish film director.
Stellan Brynell is a chess grandmaster from Sweden.


Name Stellan means Uncertain, perhaps "peaceful"

Common surnames for Stellan:

       Holm Aker Ljung Ostlund Hill Nilsson Ohrn Wollmar Mihaila Anderson Boivie Guimond Simard Harvey Morner Jara Kinberg Borgh Folke Gustafsson Klak Lindstrom Perrod Sundlof Brandt Ridderberg Carlsson Hansen Karlsson Carlzohn Andersen Glissenaar Petric Oorschot Sanne Ring Kallene Olsson Pettersson Lindmark Bergman Kjemperud Johansen Dragstedt Kinnman Höög Calamnius Lindberg Hellberg Horwitz Küller Clausen öberg Börjesson Abrahamsson


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Top Countries:
  1. Sweden = 1178
  2. USA = 19
  3. Denmark = 14
  4. Norway = 9
  5. France = 7
  6. Canada = 4
  7. Germany = 3
  8. UK = 2
  9. Austria = 1
  10. Italy = 1




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