Gender: Unknown


Worldwide there are 73+ people named Steer
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Ricardo Steer is a Colombian professional soccer player who currently plays for Harbin Yiteng.
Bill Steer is a British guitar player, and co-founder of the extreme metal band Carcass.
Burr Gore Steers and Charlie St.
Larry Steers was an American film actor.
Philip Wilson Steer OM was a British painter of landscape and occasional portraits and figure studies.
Jed John Steer is an English footballer who plays as a goalkeeper, currently for Norwich City.



Common surnames for Steer:

       Patricia George Lee Jeffrey King Kristi Jeanne Edward Glen Spunky Campbell Kirsty Cotrel Andrew Incorporated Gerry Vanplancke Bracho Be├íta Clients


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 62
  2. Australia = 3
  3. Belgium = 2
  4. India = 1
  5. Canada = 1
  6. UK = 1
  7. France = 1
  8. Hungary = 1
  9. New Zealand = 1




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