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Worldwide there are 139+ people named Stead
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Famous people:

Jon athan Graeme "Jon" Stead is an English football striker who currently is a free agent having been released from Bristol City.
William Thomas Stead was an English newspaper editor who, as a pioneer of investigative journalism, became a controversial figure of the Victorian era.
Simon Stead is an international speedway rider.
Billy Stead, born John William Stead, was a rugby union player born in Invercargill who played for New Zealand, the All Blacks, on their 1905–06 tour.
David George Stead was an Australian marine biologist, ichthyologist, oceanographer, conservationist and writer.
Christina Stead was an Australian novelist and short-story writer acclaimed for her satirical wit and penetrating psychological characterisations.
Edwin Stead was a noted patron of English cricket, particularly of Kent county cricket teams, in the early 18th century.
Barry Stead was an English first-class cricketer, who played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Nottinghamshire.
Rebecca Stead is an American author who writes books for children and young adults.
Edgar Fraser Stead was a New Zealand ornithologist, engineer, horticulturist and marksman.
George Gatonby Stead was a notable New Zealand grain merchant, racehorse owner and breeder, businessman.


Name Stead means Estate, farm; stud horse, stallion

Common surnames for Stead:

       Dean Kathleen William Garner Vannewenhizen Margaret Diane Peter David Terry Sandford Covert Duval Annie Bairstow Fuels Malbranque Olive Tony Matthew Denton Merfield Missions Lee Fast Elizabeth Fast


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  3. Canada = 3
  4. Australia = 2
  5. Hong Kong = 1
  6. Pakistan = 1
  7. Turkey = 1
  8. France = 1
  9. Denmark = 1
  10. Ghana = 1




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