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Worldwide there are 73+ people named Staudt
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Famous people:

Erwin Staudt is a former president of VfB Stuttgart.
Linda Staudt is a retired female long-distance runner from Canada.
Lucas Staudt is a Brazilian footballer.
Johann Bernhard Staudt was an Austrian Jesuit composer.
Virginia Mary Staudt was a psychologist who wrote numerous publications that are attributed to the history of American and international psychology.



Web Summary:

Staudt is a nationally recognized expert in nox emissions control from combustion sources.
Staudt is professor and chair of political science at the university of texas.
Staudt is a visiting lecturer in philosophy here this academic year.
Staudt is professor of law and associate vice president for law.
Staudt is a curriculum developer for the concord consortium.

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       James Kim Ida Jacobacci William Christine Robert Werner Alfred Thomas Serge Uwe Bernd Gyuri


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 67
  2. France = 2
  3. Hungary = 2
  4. Belgium = 1
  5. Germany = 1




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