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Worldwide there are 176+ people named Staub
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Famous people:

Peter Staub was a Swiss-born American businessman, politician, and diplomat.
Ralph Staub was a movie director, writer and producer.
Patrick Staub is a Swiss former alpine skier who competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics and 1994 Winter Olympics.
Roger Staub was a Swiss alpine skier.
France Staub was a Mauritian ornithologist, herpetologist, botanist, and conservationist.
Jonny Staub is a Canadian radio and television personality.



Common surnames for Staub:

       Diane Thomas Gail Glenn Bauman Mamie William Annette Devries Mcgrath Gustave Idskov Jens Joern ErnÅ‘ Luc Emmanuelle Franziska Philippe


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 166
  2. Hungary = 6
  3. Brazil = 2
  4. Sweden = 1
  5. France = 1




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