Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 60+ people named Stasik
The popularity rank is #4266

Famous people:

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Web Summary:

Stasik is an adjunct assistant professor who geog.
Stasik is the dosemetrist for the whole camp.
Stasik is an independent historian.
Stasik is an artist and scholar.
Stasik is a remarkable boy.

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Common surnames for Stasik:

       Frances Louise Wanda Gagliardo Christine Ross Steven Milosz Cornelius Stephen Agata Rushanyan Eric Elzbieta Alexandrov Nemirovsky Uzdensky Svidler Shavrin Aleksandrova Trunin Gimadeev Zelinsky Pereselov Alekseevich Samstyko Prigorinko Yavorsky


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 48
  2. Israel = 4
  3. Belgium = 3
  4. Sweden = 2
  5. Slovakia = 1
  6. UK = 1
  7. France = 1




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