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Worldwide there are 99+ people named Stasiak
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Famous people:

Shawn Emile Stipich, is an American chiropractor and former professional wrestler.
Ludwik Stasiak , was a Polish painter, illustrator, writer, journalist, essayist and publisher.



Web Summary:

Stasiak is trying to cover his tracks after spouting off about a wwe return.
Stasiak is doing at the moment with the goofball gimmick.
Stasiak is not literally against the ropes.
Stasiak is stomping palumbo in the corner.
Stasiak is apparently working on the ribs.

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       Bertha Paul Boleslaw Richard Dolores Thomas Karen Edward Susan Maria Bartosz Christopher Edward Slymon Tomasz Miroslaw J√≥zef Damian Zbigniew Agnieszka


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 82
  2. Poland = 7
  3. UK = 5
  4. Belgium = 2
  5. Germany = 2
  6. Norway = 1




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