Gender: Unisex: (83% feminine, 17%masculine)


Worldwide there are 242+ people named Stasi
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Bernard Stasi was a French politician.



Web Summary:

Stasi is known to have perverted justice on the direct orders of the party.
Stasi is a bright guy and refreshing face on the political scene.
Stasi is believed to have tapped up to 100 telephone lines at.
Stasi is a company director and has served as plant director.
Stasi is a browser based time reporting tool written in php.

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Common surnames for Stasi:

       Sherlock Marylin Vellonakis Gilda Dimiceli Robert Forzaglia Lorraine Borsuc Morgante Vincent Rolando Mariana Kottaras Schroder Eugene Korits Tsiakas Lehrer Stasi Mareike Frey Panagiota Feldbrugge Stasik Berezovskaya Sokolova Stasi Golovko Venzhega Rokatiti Ivanchev Lozinskaya Stoilova Email


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 223
  2. Germany = 5
  3. Australia = 5
  4. Moldova = 2
  5. Austria = 2
  6. Belgium = 1
  7. Greece = 1
  8. Italy = 1
  9. France = 1
  10. Switzerland = 1




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