Gender: Unisex: (87% feminine, 13%masculine)


Worldwide there are 86+ people named Stasa
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Bohumil Stasa is a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer from the former Czechoslovakia.



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Common surnames for Stasa:

       Pavlovic Strbac Tosic Travers Tadic Zec Dinsmore Ilges Moffett Jason Kasperavicius Kouri Stasic Subotic Taferner Tesarova Velickovic Kovacevic Papadopoulou Avdi Manika Protopsalti Stewart Theodoropoulou Zerva Bartzoki Avramoglou Tolia Pekovic Lokmer Yushina Palienko Alenicheva Zhukov Shmelev Orlova Abramova Mamonova Tyrkina Galkin Durdic Brisky


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 27
  2. Croatia = 13
  3. Serbia = 11
  4. Greece = 10
  5. Czech Republic = 6
  6. UK = 6
  7. Austria = 4
  8. Denmark = 2
  9. Switzerland = 2
  10. New Zealand = 1




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