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Worldwide there are 47+ people named Stare
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Name Stare means Old Swedish form of Stari

Web Summary:

Stare is an interesting and original album with a touch of weirdness about it.
Stare is something that every woman must perfect.
Stare is used to kill flying creatures with ease.
Stare is a quake 2 mod with a twist on gameplay.
Stare is very reliable against aerial targets.

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       Steven Cheryl Dalibor Stanislav Vinko Bullock Jennifer Cowan Brock Kern Wind Ramhormozi Kadkhodaee Himemy Popo Yildirim


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 27
  2. Czech Republic = 12
  3. Iran = 2
  4. Slovakia = 2
  5. Egypt = 1
  6. Nigeria = 1
  7. Turkey = 1
  8. Saudi Arabia = 1




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