Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 281+ people named Stany
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Raivydas Stanys is a Lithuanian high jumper.
Stany Delayre is a French rower.



Web Summary:

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Common surnames for Stany:

       Steniel Ferrao Garrett Petrillo Menezes Rajbahar Menezas Leblanc Fargose Helssen Sirutis Pinto Paczka Blanchette Thibaut Emmanuel Lezemore Obongo Philtjens Moras Abelard Abraham Aissaoui Amady Angibaud Balland Ballot Barboux Bauchau Baudry Santos Diaz Menezes Mathew Gregoire Rossion Straetmans Vermeire Lens Simons Vwima Behiels Closset Denayer Benites Paula Viegas Pereira Souza Rodrigues Dsouza Duzoza Correa Albuquerque Saldanha Banji Pinto Zenna Paruntu Indira Meizard Ayuningtyas Pereira Lee Rodriguez Juarez Calero Kristi Green Slavin Joseph Sijo Robin Vaz Rodrigues Monis Tosheva Roten Luyet Andenmatten Capler Gnemmi Aymon


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Top Countries:
  1. France = 129
  2. India = 54
  3. USA = 45
  4. United Arab Emirates = 13
  5. Switzerland = 9
  6. UK = 7
  7. Saudi Arabia = 5
  8. Indonesia = 5
  9. Canada = 4
  10. Peru = 3




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