Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 105+ people named Stano
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Gerald Eugene Stano was an American convicted serial killer.
Tono Stano is an art photographer living and working in Prague, Czech Republic.
Angelo Stano is an Italian comic book artist.


Name Stano means Stano. 1293.

Common surnames for Stano:

       Simcik Amato Marcia Martha Edward Bruzio Peter David Amendola Phil Spina Chiappetta Aiello Gioia Sdao Benak Durica Ferko Gallovic Gazo Kovacik Krejnus Lucan Murin Petrus Amato Buccieri Carpino Ceccarini Chiappetta Costabile Grimaldi Lucanto Porco Puric Murin B├írta Stamo Chan Mari Kip Poly Koech Njau Nyagy Mugilwa Kyaa Chirchir Ritho Kusik Bakker West Sokolik Vasil Andreevich Kirov Vnuk Myjavsky Ivana


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 43
  2. Italy = 18
  3. UK = 15
  4. Kenya = 10
  5. Slovakia = 7
  6. Canada = 6
  7. Belgium = 1
  8. Croatia = 1
  9. Australia = 1
  10. Nigeria = 1




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