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Worldwide there are 1831+ people named Stanislavs
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Famous people:

Stanislav Valeryevich Emelyanov is a Russian race walker and former European champion in the 20 kilometres race walk.
Stanislav Oleksandrovych Morozov is a retired Ukrainian pair skater who now works as a coach.
Stanislav Birner , is a former professional tennis player from Czechoslovakia.
Stanislav Salamovich Cherchesov is a Russian football manager and former international goalkeeper for USSR and Russia.
Stanislav Alexeyevich Pozdnyakov is a Russian fencer, who has won five Olympic medals in the sabre competitions.
Stanislav Varga is a former football player from Slovakia and currently manager of ŠK Odeva Lipany.
Stanislav Donets is a Russian swimmer from Dimitrovgrad.
Stanislav Angelov , a.
Stanislav Sergeyevich Govorukhin PAR has been one of the most popular Soviet and Russian film directors since the 1960s.
Stanislav Alekseevich Zhuk was a pair skater who represented the Soviet Union.



Common surnames for Stanislavs:

       Jancevics Moore Opolnieks Zabolotsky Dulevskis Bolsakova Sarlovskis Basankovich Bistrovs Dimpers Drics Jegorovs Junass Klaucans Kucinskis Litaunieks Malinovskis Bardins


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Top Countries:
  1. Latvia = 1784
  2. UK = 25
  3. USA = 11
  4. Norway = 8
  5. Denmark = 2
  6. Germany = 1




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