Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 1362+ people named Stanislao
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Famous people:

Stanislao Cannizzaro, ForMemRS was an Italian chemist.
Stanislao Mattei was an Italian composer, musicologist, and teacher.
Pasquale Stanislao Mancini was an Italian jurist and statesman.
Stanislao Lista was an Italian sculptor active in Naples.
Stanislao Nievo was an Italian writer, journalist and director.


Name Stanislao means strength, firmness / fame, glory, Slav

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Stanislao is high chiefess.

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       German Pommorski Lomonaco Oygknbilk Fiore Breton Petti Tucciarello Canelli Pugliese Carbone Cedolia Fichele Lauria Masucci Visciano Acanfora Accardo Accarisi Acciardi Acciarito Acciarri Accorinti Accurso Agostini Albano Allegretti Bianchini Favretto Cioffi Rosa Mecetux Wiatrowski Corleone Barjacoba Gualdi Lucena Iannuzzo


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Top Countries:
  1. Italy = 1268
  2. USA = 55
  3. Switzerland = 8
  4. Germany = 6
  5. UK = 5
  6. Spain = 4
  7. Croatia = 3
  8. France = 3
  9. Chile = 2
  10. Argentina = 2




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