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Worldwide there are 74+ people named Stanisla
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Stanislas Wawrinka is a Swiss professional tennis player.
Stanislas Aignan Julien was a French sinologist.
Stanislas Dehaene director of INSERM Unit 562, "Cognitive Neuroimaging.
Stanislas Merhar is a French actor.
Stanislas Blanchard was a Canadian politician and gentleman.
Stanislas Lami was a French sculptor and art historian.
Stanislas Sorel was a French engineer, raised the son of a poor clock-maker.



Common surnames for Stanisla:

       Slazak Strzeminski Matlak Prusinski Borbotko Kalinowski Drzymala Adach Stoliarav Bienas Lipkos Pavlova Pawelek Alaphilippe Jouassin Rigot Wisniewski Kuzmin Zaytsev Andreev Nafikov Silivanov Yakovlev Lysenko Kuklin Zhukov Voloshina


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 64
  2. France = 4
  3. UK = 3
  4. Germany = 1
  5. Poland = 1
  6. Portugal = 1




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