Gender: Unisex: (25% feminine, 75%masculine)


Worldwide there are 110+ people named Stani
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Bern Nadette Stanis is an American actress best known for her role as Thelma Evans on the CBS sitcom, Good Times.
Stani Michiels is a visual artist and architect, who was born in 1973 in Geel .


Name Stani means from the bulgarian name stani ; see also the polish name stanny

Web Summary:

Stani is a freelance journalist based in australia.
Stani is most experienced in teaching smear.
Stani is just sitting there and looking.
Stani is on the left taken in 1931.
Stani is a challenging company.

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Common surnames for Stani:

       Prusinski Serwinski Sarzynski Folwarski Burzynski Wnorowski Soltysiak Zborowski Moore Franklin Woychuk Veselinovic Osif Fomin Grelecki Hristova Yordonov Giammarino Adamczyk Baret Boudeau Boutle Carbillet Chaine Cuira Estorgues Fahy Fyda Stani Joseph Papallo Baneff Skupiewski Galloy Kendrova Ferraiolo Kowalczyk Delcroix Hamerlinck Denauw Florizoone Stani Boksa Sztuk Slao Aziz Milcheva Nawka Chen Michiels Moansa Markov Aioria Stani Schoenfeldt Liss Wilson Slavyanov Soldatov Koval Vpasilyev Thomas Virovski Boyadjieva Kollar Imboden Baumgartner Leo


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 36
  2. France = 21
  3. Germany = 17
  4. India = 12
  5. Denmark = 5
  6. Canada = 4
  7. UK = 3
  8. Switzerland = 3
  9. Australia = 2
  10. Italy = 1




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