Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 6064+ people named Stanford
The popularity rank is #4052

Famous people:

Stanford Stadium is an outdoor athletic stadium on the Stanford University campus.


Name Stanford means Stony Ford

Common surnames for Stanford:

       Cutler Gittlen Lewis Allen Gard Brown Schoenberger Frand Shaw Lieberman Brown Berg Barnes Johnson Shedd Spencer Lauzon Zheng Wetteland Thomas Hedging Kitson Pencil Quarrie Biti Lynch Bube Challis Chau Chenge Bourne Prosper Rogers Lamberg Luk Swinton Chapman Hor Lifschitz Clark Kerry Webster Devenish Harrison Vinson Gebo Cardoz Pinto Abu Wisdom Hor Kuo Chan Treon Sokole Treon Gunawan Green Mwangi Ellis Muli Guo Lim George Domínguez Morison Spigutz Wilson Onomor Kabros Omoregbee Pallibo Jones Okiche Igbokwe Ang Agency Shateyi Fisher Mntungwane Kekana Ntombela Makatini Conjwa Gate Burger Zonia Smith Massenberg


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 5844
  2. UK = 88
  3. Canada = 67
  4. Australia = 12
  5. India = 8
  6. South Africa = 7
  7. Nigeria = 7
  8. Japan = 3
  9. Hong Kong = 3
  10. France = 3




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