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Worldwide there are 9+ people named Stanev
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Famous people:

Evgeny Stanev is a Russian judoka.
Emiliyan Stanev , a 20th-century Bulgarian prose writer.
Radostin Stanev is a former Bulgarian football player.
Petar Stanev is a Bulgarian footballer who plays for Dimitrovgrad.
Pavel Stanev is a Bulgarian football goalkeeper who currently plays for Caspiy.
Sergey Stanev is a Bulgarian footballer of Ukrainian descent, who currently plays for Kaliakra Kavarna as a forward.



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Stanev is a bulgarian conductor.
Stanev is the writer one.

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       Luba Radoslav Nickolai Zdravtcho Anton Atanas Stanislav Georgi Dima


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  1. USA = 7
  2. UK = 2




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