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Worldwide there are 34+ people named Stanescu
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Name Stanescu means from the name stan plus the suffix -escu ; see also the toponymic name stanesti

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Stanescu is board certified in internal medicine.
Stanescu is also a junior majoring in government.
Stanescu is impressive through her joy of acting.
Stanescu is organized in the town of ploiesti.
Stanescu is coming off his eighth double.

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       Nicolae Petrut Catherine Eugenia Cristina Gabriela Iuliana Gabriel Dan Geta Florin Alexandru Bouleanu Chiujdea Ciurar Oprea Pascu Hajnal Ovidiu Amalia Ioana Valentin Florin Emilia Dragos Daniel Lucian


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 21
  2. Romania = 7
  3. Canada = 1
  4. UK = 1
  5. Norway = 1
  6. Finland = 1
  7. Australia = 1
  8. Spain = 1




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