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Worldwide there are 219+ people named Stanek
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Famous people:

Ryne Stanek is an American college baseball player.
Karin Stanek was a Polish beat music singer, a member of the band Czerwono-Czarni.


Name Stanek means Stanek. 1052.

Web Summary:

Stanek is a charismatic leading man who manages to seem sincere without being sappy.
Stanek is a proud member of the national association of the remodeling industry.
Stanek is breaking new ground in shaping the future of business on the internet.
Stanek is a minneapolis police lieutenant who lives in maple grove.
Stanek is still amazed at the path her life has taken as a pro.

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Common surnames for Stanek:

       Rose Alina Henry Frank Krystyna Mary Nancy Barbara Margaret James Jiri Kapera Kinga Parysek Przemek Zuzanna Mark Wojciech Birgit


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 204
  2. UK = 6
  3. Czech Republic = 4
  4. Germany = 2
  5. Australia = 1
  6. Belgium = 1
  7. Poland = 1




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