Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 148+ people named Stane
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Douglas Moncrieff Stanes was a politician in Manitoba, Canada.
Thomas Stanes was the sixth of nine children of James Stanes, a glass and china shipping merchant of London, and his wife Sarah Poultney Worth.


Name Stane means Stane. 1472.

Web Summary:

Stane is attempting to exploit the situation for her own advantage.
Stane is pulling yours and all the rest of these dupes strings.
Stane is the only example of a rock cut tomb in britain.
Stane is a gentleman adventurer in the classic sense.
Stane is thought to be the only example of a rock.

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Common surnames for Stane:

       Mark Mack Van Saric Nickey Fahy Davis Begovic Suzanne Lavan Zargar Pozgay Nikolic Rebersek Nardelli Kakai Stane Krasnoslobodcev Ivanov Kozar


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Top Countries:
  1. Croatia = 84
  2. USA = 28
  3. Serbia = 17
  4. Germany = 5
  5. Switzerland = 3
  6. Canada = 3
  7. Sweden = 2
  8. Italy = 1
  9. France = 1
  10. Argentina = 1




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