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Worldwide there are 388+ people named Standley
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Standley is a former president of the alaska society for technology in education.
Standley is an innovative research and development engineering professional.
Standley is the earliest standley record that can be proved to this family.
Standley is currently chief of police for the cornelius police department.
Standley is the process operator in charge of this fully automated.

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       Thomas Stcy Williams Charlescar Ccyr Bernard Chery Blank Lawrence Anthony Kosmala Hood Boner Terence Roustel Rob Omey Bundgaard Djajadi Tan


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 373
  2. Sweden = 2
  3. UK = 2
  4. Canada = 2
  5. Singapore = 2
  6. France = 1
  7. Brazil = 1
  8. Germany = 1
  9. Norway = 1
  10. Nigeria = 1




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