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Worldwide there are 47+ people named Stander
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Famous people:

Lionel Jay Stander was an American actor in films, radio, theater and television.
Burry Willie Stander was a South African mountain biker, the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup under-23 men's cross-country 2009 world champion.
Jan Hendrik Stander is a cricketer who represents Scotland.



Web Summary:

Stander is a beautiful horse and can be ordered with a carved or natural.
Stander is excellent for multiple users and is extremely low profile.
Stander is the most popular variety among minnesota barley producers.
Stander is a specialist in the biblical languages of greek.
Stander is as pretty as ever and wanted us to stay longer.

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       Marcia Sandra Evelyn Bruce Philip Stephen Mary Douglas Michael Lebovitz Bolt Martins Assessoria Morville


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 42
  2. Brazil = 4
  3. Hungary = 1




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