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Worldwide there are 1291+ people named Stancu
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Bogdan Sorin Stancu is a Romanian footballer who plays for Turkish Süper Lig side Orduspor.
Stelian Stancu is a Romanian football player, who is under contract with FCM Târgu Mureș.
Cristina -Mădălina Stancu is a professional Romanian tennis player playing in the ITF Women's Circuit.
Constantin Stancu is a retired Romanian football player and currently manager.
Gheorghe Bunea Stancu , the President of the Consiliul Local Judeţean Brăila and also President of CF Brăila.



Common surnames for Stancu:

       Trajan Marin Sarah Ilici Luminita Stefan Victor Constantin George Laura Achim Albu Aldea Alexandru Anca Andelin Andrei Andreias Andreoiu Andronache Sorin Valentin Stefan Vasile Mengeher Tiberiu


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Top Countries:
  1. Romania = 1262
  2. USA = 27
  3. UK = 1
  4. Norway = 1




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