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Worldwide there are 205+ people named Stamm
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Marko Stamm is a German water polo player who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Marvin Stamm is an American bebop trumpeter.
Peter Stamm is a Swiss writer.
Barbara Stamm is a German politician of the CSU.
Ted Stamm was an American painter identified with the movement of monochrome painting, minimalism, and conceptual art.
Robert Stamm member of the Reichstag from Bremen, and a victim of the Nazi régime.



Common surnames for Stamm:

       Lynne Ronald Russell Cathy Sally Alfred Judith Estelle Joseph Gregory Bindon


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 200
  2. Germany = 2
  3. Canada = 1
  4. Brazil = 1
  5. Switzerland = 1




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