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Stamford is consistently among the top 5 towns in per pupil expenditure statewide.
Stamford is set in gently rolling countryside just west of the fen edge.
Stamford is a major business center and is also known for boat building.
Stamford is an excellent choice for both the holiday maker or business.
Stamford is a city committed to the education of all of its children.

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       June Parsonage Ayers Small Hutchinson Thomas Donnelly Nishimura Vetti Janniello Eggenton Hacquoil Galsworthy Marthews Nyoni Goldbourne Harridge Veitch Careers Chris Jansens Malaysia Guna Loh Press


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  1. USA = 34
  2. UK = 8
  3. France = 2
  4. Australia = 2
  5. Singapore = 2
  6. Malaysia = 2
  7. Indonesia = 1




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