Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 208+ people named Stamatina
The popularity rank is #N/A

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Stamatina is available by appointment only and is not accepting new patients.
Stamatina is a very popular name.
Stamatina is this morning.
Stamatina is her name.
Stamatina is a post.

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Common surnames for Stamatina:

       Agriantonis Sakellakis Careri Podes Cusati Mavrogenis Mihalitsianos Skevakis Gomolka Mousetis Psaropol Manzala Dobrin Nica Abati Cheliotis Anastopoulou Apostolou Bara Chatzichristou Colwell Dimakopoulou Hrstic Jackosn Constantinou Zachos Stamatakos Ioannou Baermann Stern Theofilou Vardalachou Theochari Stamelaki Stathopoulou Anastasakou Negka Anagnostou Chatzievaggelou Aslanoglou Marougkliani Isari Tzanoulinou


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 105
  2. Greece = 51
  3. UK = 33
  4. Romania = 6
  5. Germany = 5
  6. Norway = 3
  7. Australia = 3
  8. Switzerland = 1
  9. France = 1




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