Gender: Unisex: (12% feminine, 88%masculine)


Worldwide there are 3994+ people named Stafford
The popularity rank is #5365

Famous people:

Shaun Stafford Beckish tour from 1989 to 1997.
Grant Stafford is a former tennis player from South Africa.


Name Stafford means From The Landing Ford

Common surnames for Stafford:

       Thompson Cowart Dow Joan Barbara Linda Marvin Jeffrey Freeman Sarah Gorsalitz Wilson Bezak Sachatsky Lawrence Euinton Andrews Mckergow Johnson Young Allott Bechford Beckford Courtney Fomes Lorie Philip Rampassard Ruddock Rule Buck Davison Saarbach Taylor Whiteaker Whitfield Scott Begue Paewai Lowe Hamilton Centre Gallagher Hopewell Paul Flint Gonsalves Jack Batchelor Nelson Ame Lau Chamberlain Buchanan Horne Abekah Kiume Mokua Bwire Anyega Timaru Campbell Isaacs Houghton Guest Teachers Wilson Villa Smythe Flood Ikpasa Bisong Obrutse Enaigbe Onosigho Rocks Dean Louis Lobacheva Diggory Lee Dog Pes Teryer Staff Chov Nikonov Zhivoy Bagot Chan Labtec Steer


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 3710
  2. Canada = 109
  3. UK = 81
  4. Australia = 38
  5. India = 12
  6. New Zealand = 11
  7. Nigeria = 5
  8. France = 5
  9. Kenya = 5
  10. United Arab Emirates = 3




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