Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 27+ people named Staf
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Staf Scheirlinckx is a Belgian professional road bicycle racer for UCI Professional Continental team Accent Jobs-Wanty.



Web Summary:

Staf is a cnes facility dedicated to data preservation.
Staf is a not for profit organization.
Staf is on its way out in phenix.
Staf is not done by the end user.
Staf is an automation framework.

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Common surnames for Staf:

       Suer Vancauter Butcher Blehm Lemmens Reynald Vladi Marissen Keirsebelik Wit Vogelaers Pirijns Tuyaerts Dyck Cools Sterkendries Staf Bartiman Ssc Epistema Disdukkesops Opsdim Banpur Only Jari Sugiarti Tohmatsu Fep Forzato Aza Hellemans Man Groot Hoek Loodts Fransen Danskamp Straffe Devillers Aelst Soroka Kurganov Bondar Odintsov Kolya Kolbasenko Black Moroz Stafeev Uvarov Sulaiman Wein


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Top Countries:
  1. Indonesia = 8
  2. USA = 6
  3. Belgium = 3
  4. France = 3
  5. Morocco = 2
  6. Brazil = 1
  7. Sweden = 1
  8. Japan = 1
  9. Thailand = 1
  10. Malaysia = 1




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