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Worldwide there are 223+ people named Stadler
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Famous people:

Craig Robert Stadler is an American professional golfer who has won numerous tournaments at both the PGA Tour and Champions Tour level.
Roland Stadler is a former professional tennis player from Switzerland.
Maximilian Johann Karl Dominik Stadler, Abbé Stadler was an Austrian composer, musicologist and pianist.
Anton Paul Stadler was an Austrian clarinet and basset horn player for whom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote both his Clarinet Quintet and Clarinet Concerto.
Ewald Johann Stadler , is an Austrian politician.
Joachim Stadler is a retired German football player.
Hermann Stadler is a former Austrian footballer.
Thorben Stadler is a German footballer is currently a free agent.
Simon Stadler is a left-handed, German tennis player.
Kevin Stadler is an American professional golfer.



Common surnames for Stadler:

       James Francis Michael Patricia Ottinger Alan Lena Herb Sidney Herman Zyl Fernando Katrin Thomas Querplan Christian Nelli Tamás Dyk Jaroslav Beat Rudolf Valentin Erich Angela Michele Ida


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  1. USA = 205
  2. Hungary = 6
  3. Germany = 6
  4. Sweden = 2
  5. Norway = 1
  6. Serbia = 1
  7. New Zealand = 1
  8. Australia = 1




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