Gender: Unisex: (85% feminine, 15%masculine)


Worldwide there are 39482+ people named Stacie
The popularity rank is #1160

Famous people:

Stacie Joy Orrico is an American singer, songwriter, and occasional actress.
Stacie Devereaux is a curler from St.
Stacie Powell is a British diver and astronomer.
Stacie Cassarino is an American poet and author of the collection Zero at the Bone.
Stacie Lynn Renna is an American film, television, and stage actress.


Name Stacie means Resurrection

Common surnames for Stacie:

       Lerro Toppin Wertheimer Drakeford Larson Sharp Schmalz Procaccini Barton Demicco Dease Loewen Storr Woytowich Lee Paetz Vander Welch Booy Tews Ambursley Amiss Beer Boale Corsentino Duperrouzel Farrelly Godwin Hobkinson Hussell Adam Arena Bentura Bosset Bourgeois Brill Burg Cangiolu Cardettini Cohen Thomson Kendall Scott Gray Prichard Spiler Murrell King Gregg Stacie Kartes Constantian Orrico Cone Jackson James Stallings Freeman Goodwin Mitchinson Wang Dunkle Shook Kendall Mwenda Lawson Chong Goh Lim Cordell Echelbarger Urvin Lyons Walker Fox Swanson Gier Levi Pemberton Ayub Koroleva Plotnikova Petrova Sykes Guan Chua Song Tan Morris Seetho Tay Campbell Broek Stricker Raspber Durant Jaramillo


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 39031
  2. UK = 246
  3. Canada = 84
  4. Australia = 57
  5. France = 29
  6. Singapore = 8
  7. New Zealand = 5
  8. India = 3
  9. Malaysia = 3
  10. Mexico = 2




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