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Worldwide there are 52+ people named Stachowski
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Famous people:

Amber Val Stachowski is an American water polo player for the UCLA Bruins and the US National Team, who won the bronze medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics.
William Stachowski was an American politician and a Democratic State Senator from the 58th district for the State of New York.
Marek Stachowski was a Polish composer.



Web Summary:

Stachowski is an avid fan of all types of racing.
Stachowski is older sister of amber stachowski.
Stachowski is currently working on the medibuy.
Stachowski is the star of the dining room.
Stachowski is brilliant as her nemesis.

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       Stanislaw Florence Lawrence Ben Maureen Robert Norbert David Leon Michel Alain Antoine Maruis Paul


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  1. USA = 49
  2. France = 3




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