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Worldwide there are 96+ people named Staab
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Famous people:

Rebecca Ann Staab is an American actress and former beauty queen who has competed in the Miss USA pageant.
Heinz Staab was a German chemist.
Roy Frank Staab is an American artist.
Monika Staab is a German football manager.



Web Summary:

Staab is a holly area resident and her husband owns heather highlands golf course.
Staab is a graduate of new york university who currently resides in queens.
Staab is senior researcher and lecturer at the university of karlsruhe.
Staab is board certified in both internal medicine and cardiology.
Staab is a native new yorker who works in medical publishing.

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       Maria Joan Marie Dorothy Diane Christopher Carol Jonathan Peter Gary Joachim Werner


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 94
  2. Germany = 2




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