Gender: Unisex: (50% feminine, 50%masculine)


Worldwide there are 321+ people named Sta
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Jean Servais Stas was a Belgian analytical chemist.
Stas Namin is a Russian-Armenian musician, composer, record producer, entrepreneur, promoter, and businessman.
Stas Misezhnikov is an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Yisrael Beiteinu and as the country's Minister of Tourism.
Andrei Leonidovich Stas is a Belarusian professional ice hockey forward.



Common surnames for Sta:

       Ardziewicz Noriel George Estes King Fletcher Valentine Eichhorn Thompson Davis Fantozzi Benedit Qld Momin Mal Bsm Efentzoglou Grey Scp Lange Karla Santos Fantoni Brasil Treinamentos Citta Lima Program Ammd Rubs Mra Finland Tabinda Bandau Ouroumis Lex Gader Sid Sad Xat Rra Naya Fmo Stephanie Sta Junan Jovana Pich Holidays Okolie Arequipa Ana Maria Romana Barbara Agueda Monica Isabel Iglesia Cruz Mari Are Samara Ivanov Golcov Kuznetsov Yunusova Mikhalchuk Student Shmelyov Katya Stepan Mulla Nadasen Rayner Mothibedi Dlamini Mashego Zarate


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Top Countries:
  1. Philippines = 175
  2. Brazil = 64
  3. USA = 33
  4. India = 7
  5. Greece = 6
  6. Sweden = 5
  7. South Africa = 5
  8. Australia = 4
  9. United Arab Emirates = 3
  10. Malaysia = 3




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