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Worldwide there are 47+ people named Sry
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Sry is expressed in the mesenchyme and is expressed immediately.
Sry is expressed in the gonadal ridge only in males.
Sry is expressed briefly in the developing gonad.
Sry is the gene critical for male development.
Sry is clearly the first sculptor of gender.

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       Lay Yaghoubi Sream Penn San Srun Sum Sreng Katrheadda Lakena Nguy Khiev Mak Lay Cheng Pap Any Suhanwar Haryati Sara Irmayasari Lestari Apriani Wahyuningsih Dahniar Wahyati Sry Heriany Altnr


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Top Countries:
  1. Indonesia = 19
  2. USA = 15
  3. India = 4
  4. Canada = 3
  5. Malaysia = 2
  6. France = 1
  7. Greece = 1
  8. Denmark = 1
  9. Turkey = 1




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