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Worldwide there are 31+ people named Sprunger
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Famous people:

Julien Sprunger is a Swiss professional ice hockey player who is currently playing for HC Fribourg-Gottéron in Switzerland's National League A.
Ellen Sprunger is a Swiss track and field athlete.
Michel Sprunger is a Swiss footballer from who plays as a Midfielder for FC Winterthur.



Web Summary:

Sprunger is planning to step down as president of mennonite economic development associates.
Sprunger is lambasted for his refusal to see the woods cross channeling as diabolical.
Sprunger is a minister in the united church of christ and a college professor.
Sprunger is a minister in the church of christ and a college professor.
Sprunger is professor of church music at ashland theological seminary.

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       Richard Noble Douglas Norbert Joe Christian Victor Cheryl Tamae Nettie


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 29
  2. Sweden = 2




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