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Worldwide there are 92+ people named Sproul
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Famous people:

Robert Gordon Sproul was eleventh President of the University of California serving from 1930 to 1958.
William Cameron Sproul was the 27th Governor of Pennsylvania from 1919 to 1923.
William Sproul may refer to: William Cameron Sproul , Governor of Pennsylvania William H.
Allan Sproul was an American banker.
Ryan Sproul is a Canadian ice hockey defenceman.



Web Summary:

Sproul is an excellent representative to give a voice to a third party.
Sproul is also credited with expanding and improving public education.
Sproul is one of the most respected reformed theologians of our time.
Sproul is the founder and president of ligonier ministries.
Sproul is undoubtedly a gifted communicator and writer.

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       Richard Donnelly Ruth Gavin Alan Sheldon Jason Bobbie Franklin Elizabeth


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