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Worldwide there are 173+ people named Spratt
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Famous people:

Thomas Abel Brimage Spratt was an English vice-admiral, hydrographer, and geologist.
Jonathan Spratt is a Welsh international rugby union player.
James Spratt may refer to: James Spratt , officer in the Royal Navy James Spratt (d.
Philip Spratt was a British writer and intellectual.
Amanda Spratt is an Australian road cyclist.
Dean Spratt was an American traffic reporter.
Frederick Spratt was an American artist and educator, best known for his exquisite color theory paintings.
Isaac Spratt was a London toy dealer who wrote pamphlets describing the games of croquet and badminton and was influential in the early development of both.
Walter Spratt was an English footballer.



Common surnames for Spratt:

       Frederick Danette Karla Carol Shaub Saralee John William Patrick Linda Ebako


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 169
  2. UK = 3
  3. Sweden = 1




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