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Worldwide there are 27+ people named Sporn
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Famous people:

Kieran Sporn is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Essendon and Fitzroy in the AFL from 1989-94.
Rachael Pamela Sporn is a former Australian basketball player.
Philip Sporn was an Austrian electrical engineer known for his work as the president and chief executive officer of the American Gas and Electric Company.



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Sporn is disqualified to pursue the argument concerning ineffectiveness of trial.
Sporn is in charge of selecting the students going abroad to nyu.
Sporn is in the south east as guest speaker at a women.
Sporn is handling this matter on a contingency basis.
Sporn is a freelance illustrator and watercolorist.

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       Howell David Leslie Jessica Susan Henry Sylvia Stuart Hersh Lisa Sandra


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