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Worldwide there are 26+ people named Spohr
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Famous people:

Louis Spohr , born Ludwig Spohr, was a German composer, violinist and conductor.
Arnold Theodore Spohr was a Canadian ballet dancer, choreographer, and artistic director.
Georg Spohr is a German rower who competed for East Germany in the 1976 Summer Olympics and in the 1980 Summer Olympics.



Web Summary:

Spohr is the newly appointed science adviser to the under secretary of state.
Spohr is visual artist teaching ceramics at the wide bay institute of tafe.
Spohr is in charge of developing a communication plan for librarians.
Spohr is another look at this disease over a ten year period.
Spohr is credited with the invention of the violin chin rest.

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       Ann Duane Trust Valerie Silva Jeremy Douglas John Steve Mary Cristiano C├ęspedes Jesper Jacobs Pedro Wladimiro


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