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Worldwide there are 232+ people named Spitzer
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Famous people:

Eliot Laurence Spitzer is an American lawyer, political commentator, and former Democratic Party politician.
Andre Spitzer , was a fencing master and coach of Israel's 1972 Summer Olympics team.
Bernard Spitzer is an American real estate developer and philanthropist.
Leo Spitzer was an Austrian Romanist and Hispanist, and an influential and prolific literary critic.



Web Summary:

Spitzer is best recognized in psychiatric history for his scientific role in 1973.
Spitzer is widely regarded as a rising star in new york politics and government.
Spitzer is shifting his focus to executives he says profited personally from.
Spitzer is conducting investigations into other financial service companies.
Spitzer is to hammer out reforms for a global resolution.

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       David Roberta Benjamin Suzanne Burton Wilentz Avrohom Hersch Moses Henry Christian Sarolta Jacques Kowal Cyril Julia


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  1. USA = 225
  2. Belgium = 2
  3. Germany = 2
  4. Czech Republic = 1
  5. Israel = 1
  6. Japan = 1




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