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Worldwide there are 167+ people named Spitz
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Famous people:

Mark Andrew Spitz is an American former swimmer, Olympic champion, and former world record-holder.
Shay Spitz is a Hong Kong-born New Zealander footballer who currently plays for Los Angeles Blues in the USL Pro.
Armand Neustadter Spitz was a planetarium designer.
Marc Spitz is a music journalist, author and playwright.
Sabine Spitz is a German cross country cyclist.



Web Summary:

Spitz is a lively freelance graphic designer available for design.
Spitz is said to be particularly good on feathered game as well.
Spitz is rolling out a new service called ekgonline.
Spitz is a courageous dog that is very independent.
Spitz is an intelligent and vivacious little dog.

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       Toinette Diane Monroe Sylvia Robert Fisher Beverly Helene Douglas Marcia Bernard Eduard Gy├Ârgy Levente Yocku Fedor Myriam


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 160
  2. Belgium = 4
  3. Hungary = 2
  4. Indonesia = 1




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