Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 241+ people named Spirito
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Famous people:

Ugo Spirito was an Italian philosopher; at first, a fascist political philosopher and subsequently an idealist thinker.
Spirito Mario Viale the UK.



Web Summary:

Spirito is best known for its exemplary renaissance church and for the surrounding neighborhood.
Spirito is considered the most perfect example of a renaissance church.
Spirito is seeking your participation within the dept.
Spirito is not the large avenue shown in the plate.
Spirito is specially fresh and happy in character.

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Common surnames for Spirito:

       Nadine Patrick Robert Victoria Carolyn Robin Joanne Carmella Elizabeth Marie Actis Adami Alliod Allione Ambrogio Armando Armitano Arnaudo Avagnina Balbo Ballatore Bottero Calvo Cornaglia Giuggia Mattio Occelli Oliveiro Pettigiani Sebastien Santo


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Top Countries:
  1. Italy = 162
  2. USA = 65
  3. France = 9
  4. Argentina = 3
  5. Spain = 1
  6. Serbia = 1




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