Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 172+ people named Spira
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Henry Spira was a Belgian-American animal rights advocate, widely regarded as one of the most effective animal advocates of the 20th century.
Camilla Spira was a German film actress.
Phyllis Bernice Spira was a South African ballet dancer who was awarded the title of prima ballerina assoluta in 1984.
Fred Spira was an inventor and innovator in photography as well as a collector of photographic equipment, images, books, and ephemera.
Elijah Spira was son of Benjamin Wolf Spira.
Nathan Nata Spira was a Polish rabbi and kabbalist.
Joel Boris Spira is a Swedish film, television and theatre actor.



Common surnames for Spira:

       Albert Lewis Samuel Zurach David Leo Howard Isaac Chapman Victor Carrie Ristic Karol Pellicano Galuppi Phuongsavan Scicluna Stojanovik Failla Ilan Kaveli Samsonov Petrov Efremov Ivanov Spiridonov Korkin Krylov Lukin Anisimov Vinokurov Filiposki Kolev Aleksovski


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Top Countries:
  1. Serbia = 104
  2. USA = 53
  3. UK = 3
  4. Sweden = 2
  5. France = 2
  6. Canada = 2
  7. Australia = 2
  8. Hungary = 1
  9. Italy = 1
  10. Kenya = 1




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