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Worldwide there are 81+ people named Spinella
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Famous people:

Stephen Nicholas Spinella is an American stage, television, and film actor.
Ralph Spinella is an American fencer.



Web Summary:

Spinella is an amatuer railroad expert whose passion is for electric commuter trains.
Spinella is available for executive sessions for a limited number of clients.
Spinella is shown taking an application for the affordable housing program.
Spinella is complemented in the backfield by bill demma and bill cooper.
Spinella is organizing the nahb booth for the equine affair this year.

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Common surnames for Spinella:

       Ciro Gail Angie Catherine Theresa Gloria Anthony Wanda Ronald Vincent Donati Lupi Natale Pianetti Tansion Cleudio Orfel


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 74
  2. France = 3
  3. Italy = 2
  4. India = 2




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