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Worldwide there are 69+ people named Spier
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Famous people:

Bob Spiers was a director.
John Spiers is an English melodeon, concertina and bandonion player.
Peter Spier is a Dutch-born American illustrator and writer who has created more than thirty children's books.
Judi Spiers is a British radio and television presenter.
Leslie Spier was an American anthropologist best known for his ethnographic studies of American Indians.
William Hannan Spier was an American writer, producer and director for television and radio.
Virgil Spier is a Dutch athlete who started at the decathlon, but who is currently active mainly as a sprinter and a hurdler.
Shaun Mark Spiers is the Chief Executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and a former Member of the European Parliament.



Common surnames for Spier:

       Norman Bernard Carol Daniel Paul Mary Ian Toby Laurence William Paul Eli Doesschate Rankin


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  1. USA = 67
  2. Israel = 2




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