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Worldwide there are 764+ people named Spicer
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Famous people:

Darren Spicer is an American soccer player who last played for Rochester Rhinos in the USSF Division 2 Professional League.
Jack Spicer was an American poet often identified with the San Francisco Renaissance.
Paul Spicer is a former defensive end who spent the majority of his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League.
Tim othy Simon Spicer Aegis Defence Services.



Web Summary:

Spicer is foremost a writer who sings to give another dimension to her words.
Spicer is lead singer and a tremendously talented songwriter.
Spicer is and that she will come back to finish school.
Spicer is inducted into the automotive hall of fame.
Spicer is reporting turnover of r160 million.

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       Patricia Robert Louis Vernette Claudette Diamantopoulos David Theodore Betty Edward Michelle Suzanne Lindgren Ken Nicholas Marks


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 758
  2. India = 2
  3. Canada = 1
  4. UK = 1
  5. Kenya = 1
  6. Saudi Arabia = 1




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