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Worldwide there are 23+ people named Speroni
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Famous people:

Sperone Speroni degli Alvarotti was an Italian Renaissance humanist, scholar and dramatist.
Carlo Speroni was an Italian long-distance runner.
Catalina Speroni was an Argentine film, stage and television actress whose career spanned more than 40 years.
Roberto Themis Speroni was an Argentine writer.



Web Summary:

Speroni is director of food science and quality for ocean spray cranberries.
Speroni is expected to rule on a related consumer fraud claim seeking more.
Speroni is handling the consumer fraud complaint.
Speroni is owner and director of the company.
Speroni is the newest addition to the team.

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       Sheila Anthony Richard Luigi Steven Patricia John Lisa Stacey Kenneth Albertina Agustina Kristensen


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 18
  2. Argentina = 4
  3. Italy = 1




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