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Worldwide there are 1234+ people named Speranza
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Famous people:

Guy Speranza was an American singer best known as New York-based metal band Riot's original frontman from 1976-1981.
Giovanni Speranza is a German-Italian footballer currently plays for Vietnamese side KLB Kiên Giang FC.
Alessandro Speranza was an Italian composer.
Jorge Speranza is a former soccer player.



Web Summary:

Speranza is the only italian scholar to have written textbooks for every scholastic level.
Speranza is proud of her membership in the select society of sanitary sludge shovelers.
Speranza is committed to making these books available to as many families as possible.
Speranza is a qualified and prestigious reference point for banquets.
Speranza is proposing to organise the work in the following way.

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       Arlene Angelo Amy Capano Charlotte Robert Joanne Marant Padovani Romano Dolgetta Carta Ciarlo Pasquariello Kasili Proietti Piras Tomba Vignali Abagnale Abate Abete Acquistapace Addeo Adriani Aguiari Aiello Airoldi Aliperta Chappa Lodo Terroni Monica Nicolas Speranza Claudio Eduardo Goerge Spadazzi Ricardo Cobucci Shamas Chelangat Nderitu Waitiki Wanjiku Divina Jong Lucchese Arancini Kuzmich Stefano Aquila


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Top Countries:
  1. Italy = 1017
  2. USA = 180
  3. UK = 9
  4. Argentina = 4
  5. Brazil = 4
  6. Kenya = 4
  7. Switzerland = 3
  8. France = 3
  9. Germany = 2
  10. Pakistan = 1




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