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Worldwide there are 578+ people named Speranta
The popularity rank is #N/A

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Name Speranta means from the word speranta hope

Web Summary:

Speranta is primarily for young children with hiv.
Speranta is a small beacon of hope.
Speranta is home to 23 children.
Speranta is a non.

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Common surnames for Speranta:

       Duliepre Niculescu Dan Georguiou Baia Ilniczky Baranga Turcanu Klees Afloarei Agache Albulescu Alexandru Alupoaie Amariutei Anca Anghel Antal Ardeleanu Ilco Codrean Esanu Mogorean Moraru Corbeanu Covaci Cucu Bartos Olteanu Cirjan Badina Diacof


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Top Countries:
  1. Romania = 545
  2. USA = 18
  3. Moldova = 6
  4. UK = 4
  5. Sweden = 2
  6. France = 1
  7. Italy = 1
  8. Germany = 1




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